Delphine Mocquant had her education at Institut Français de la Mode.

Her entire professional career has taken place in the fashion industry, at Arrow, New Man, Cimarron and VRP at Levi’s. She then opened her own concept store at Boulogne Billancourt. She is in charge of the style and the marketing at One To One Paris.


One To One Paris is a parisian showroom created by Frabrice Longeon and Delphine Mocquant in 2011 in order to launch the exploitation licence of ELEVENPARIS shoes. Thank to their confirmed fashion business knowledge the two associes managed to design the collections from style to worldwide commercialization.

For nearly 5 years One To One Paris rolls out its activity to leather goods and set up a fashion accessory showroom in which Fabrice and Delphine advice and represent selected brands such as Pantone Footwear Universe or Carré Royal next to famous parisian retailers : Colette, Merci, Le Bon Marché …

Driven by this success One To One Paris develops in 2016 an online platform where customers can directly see and buy their product selections.

Fabrice Longeon started his carrier as a sales representative at L’Oréal, and then climbed the ladder of the commercial sector of Levi’s for 12 years as the Export sales director. After that he continued this carrier as a French national sales manager at DC co where he brought up the various footwear brands to the major key accounts.

One To One Paris